Arceus’ Pirate Journey

Chapter 853: The most handsome - miners reserve

  Chapter 853 The Most Beautiful - Reserve Miners

   "Bastard, you **** actually used such a rude way!"

   "Is there something wrong with your brain? Isn't it enough that the way of fighting is effective?"

  Jack originally thought that Cavendish was a brave warrior. It is not uncommon for him to dare to challenge beasts before, but it is still rare for him to rush forward so actively.

   But now his thinking has changed, he thinks that Cavendish is simply not in a good mind.

   "Brutal guy, Meiken Blue Bird!"

Cavendish, who got back up again, launched a violent stab at Jack. The speed of this strike was extremely fast. Due to the speed of the stab, both sides of the blade were swept up by air, but this There is no difference compared to the slash just now.

  The gap between the new world and the first half is revealed. In the first half of the great route, Cavendish is a talented swordsman. Let him hone in the new world for a while, and he can become a real strong man.

   But before he develops his arrogance, as a swordsman, it is difficult for him to hurt Jack.

Although his speed is much ahead of Jack, Jack only needs to use his domineering power to prevent Cavendish from breaking through the defense, so what happened just now happened again, Cavendish was slapped again, and was slapped back again in place.

  This time Jack hit the other side of the face, making him look a lot more symmetrical.

   "As a newcomer, you are very good, so I will give you another chance."

  From the corner of his eye, he glanced at the battlefields of Sipshead and Gin Rummy. The Mammoth and the Elephant have already led the team to tear through the enemy's defenses. It seems that the end of the battle is only a matter of time.

   "I refuse, my young master, don't join a rude group like yours!"

   "Well, it seems that we have to change the method."

  According to Kaido’s teaching, when you want to recruit someone, you must first show your strength to deter the opponent. If the opponent surrenders directly, you can consider the next step.

   If the opponent refuses, then beat the opponent up, let him fully understand the gap in strength, and then recruit him.

  If the other party still refuses, then take him back and let him know the consequences of the rejection.

   "I'll let you work gracefully, and you can discuss etiquette with those guys."

  Elegance always has a price, such as elegant mining.

   But Cavendish did not continue to attack. Although he was slapped twice in a row, it also made him understand the huge gap in strength between the two sides. He had never encountered an opponent who could not even cut the skin.

   Eyes closed slightly, Cavendish seemed to have lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes had begun to turn white, and the corners of his mouth grinned to an exaggerated extent. He awakened his personality.

   Cavendish is very familiar with the personality who likes to kill. This personality is extremely crazy and almost irrational. So Cavendish usually suppresses him, and only when he sleeps does this personality have a chance to appear.

  Although it is crazy, this character has stronger swordsmanship than Cavendish, who is already a swordsmanship genius.

  Because he shares a body with Cavendish, while Cavendish becomes stronger, his personality will also be stronger.

  When facing an enemy that is too powerful, Cavendish will take the initiative to let this personality come out to fight his enemy.

The speed of Cavendish in the personality state increased by one step, and there were bursts of piercing sounds in the air. Cavendish in the personality state had come to Jack, and Durandal swung a dense sword net in his hand. , and successfully chopped Jack's waistcoat.

   "I kind of like this dress."

  Jack's upper body is exposed with well-developed muscles. Although the attack frequency of the personality is very high, and the swordsmanship is also very good, but still did not break Jack's defense, but left some white marks on it.

  Even for this rampant Li personality, there is a touch of consternation on his exaggerated expression.

   Immediately afterwards, as the personality of Li, he was slapped firmly by Jack just like Cavendish.

   Cavendish and Qili personality can communicate. When the other party has not completely fallen asleep, they can know what is happening in the outside world. Therefore, this slap made Cavendish's Li personality completely crazy.

   "Bastard, bastard! I'm going to tear you apart, tear you apart!"

  In the Rommel Kingdom, murders would happen whenever night fell, and the navy that went to support was not an opponent, and they couldn't even see who the enemy was.

  Fastness itself is the characteristic of Cavendish Li's personality. Because the speed of the instant killing is as fast as a gust of wind, those people call the murder of unknown person "Rommel's weasel".

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  At this time, he was constantly attacking around Jack, trying to find Jack's weakness. Under extreme speed, it was difficult for Jack's attack to hit the opponent, but Jack already had a way to deal with it.

  I saw him get off his horse, and made a gesture of swinging a positive fist.

   "Murloc Karate · Tang Caowa Righteous Fist!"

  The essence of murloc karate is to cause greater damage by hitting the water in the human body. Tang Caowa Zhengquan is a special technique that uses punches to generate 360-degree shock waves.

  Facing such a high-speed but crispy opponent, this technique is very easy to use.

   Cavendish had to get close to Jack if he wanted to hit him, and the punch just knocked him out.

  Jack didn't slap him away this time, but grabbed him in his hands, without giving him a chance to continue attacking.

   "9 minutes, just right, hey! Sippshead, you are too slow!"

   "Master Jack, it will be over soon, please wait a moment."

  Listening to Jack's urging, Sipshead and the others accelerated their fighting speed, and soon wiped out the Handsome Pirates.

   "Report to Mr. Jack, including the captain, we have captured 74 members of the handsome pirates, a white horse, several treasures and countless love letters."

  They fulfilled Jack's order perfectly and captured each other alive. Compared with the captain's gap, the gap between ordinary members in the new world is more terrifying.

  Under the leadership of the small cadres, they were routed extremely quickly, and everything on board was also in the hands of the beasts.

   "Master Jack, why are we arresting them?"

   "Recruit them to see, and the mines in Wano Country seem to be understaffed recently, these energetic guys should be quite suitable.

   Find a Hailoushi chain and lock him up. This guy has a problem. "

After defeating Cavendish's Li personality, Cavendish did not come back, but fell into a deep sleep. When the personality is completely asleep, the waking personality can exert its full power.

   It's just that he didn't expect that his trump card was still fragile in Jack's eyes, and it just allowed him to use some formal moves.

  (end of this chapter)


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