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Chapter 616 - 616 Chapter 616 Slaughtering Them All

616 Chapter 616 Slaughtering Them All

Chapter 616 Slaughtering Them All

Lu Yu encountered the Lionheart Empire’s army on his way back, and these people were tenacious, refusing to let Lu Yu leave.

Vince, the group’s leader, and his soldiers gradually surrounded Lu Yu’s group, attempting to block their path.

“You want to fight me?” Lu Yu angrily demanded. “Come on then; I’m not afraid of you.”

Lu Yu stated this confidently.

On the other hand, Vince shook his head. “We have hundreds of people, and you only have a few!”

Lu Yu couldn’t help but laugh. “Could you have created the explosion that just happened with your hundreds of people?”

A threat like that immediately calmed Vince down.

“Fine, you’re free to go. Pretend we’ve never met. But I’ll find out where the prince is sooner or later.”

At that point, a soldier beside him spoke up, “Captain, are we really going to let them go? This is our only opportunity!”

“Cut the nonsense; the Third Prince’s pet is still here, and we’ll find him by following it!:

Vince declared his decision.

Lu Yu was unhappy but couldn’t bring himself to argue with Vince, a scheming individual eager for quick success. He wasn’t a decent person, and if Lu Yu weren’t able to protect himself with his strength, he would have been apprehended and interrogated by them long ago!

Lu Yu turned around while Xu Yuan and the others silently followed behind him.

“Tsk, does he really believe he’s that strong? He can’t even protect a teammate; what a piece of garbage…”

Vince turned around and walked back to the campfire, mumbling in hushed tones.

Lu Yu came to a halt, as did Xu Yuan and the others.

Lu Yu turned around, his face darkening and a never-before-seen rage burning within him.

When Xu Yuan and Wang Meng saw Lu Yu’s expression from the side, they broke out in cold sweats.

After seeing Lu Yu’s expression, Wang Meng, usually the bravest and most reckless, couldn’t help but shiver.

Han Xuefei, on the other hand, seemed to ignore Lu Yu’s terrifying aura, walking to his side and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“We’ll do it with you,” Han Xuefei stated emphatically.

A soldier patted Vince on the shoulder and said, “Captain, quickly… quickly look…”

“What exactly am I supposed to look? Did you see a ghost?” Vince demanded impatiently.

When he turned around, he was astounded to see Lu Yu’s cold eyes boring deep into his soul. He met Lu Yu’s gaze and broke out in a cold sweat as his lips trembled.

He turned his head quickly, not daring to look at Lu Yu.

He sighed, “Are… Aren’t you leaving? What’s keeping you there? Why don’t I give you the teleportation scroll and allow you to go directly to Elizabeth?”

Vince swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and large beads of sweat fell one after the other, soaking his clothes.

“You… What did you just say earlier?”

Vince trembled. “No… nothing; I said nothing.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t hear you?”

Vince stood up quickly and turned to face Lu Yu. “Don’t get too worked up about it; I was just saying…”

Lu Yu’s claw reached out and tightly grabbed Vince’s neck, lifting him before he could finish his sentence.

Vince was taken aback by Lu Yu’s unexpected move. He wanted to resist but realized Lu Yu’s strength was astounding, and he could not break free from Lu Yu’s grasp.

At that point, the soldiers behind him stood up and took out their weapons.

“Are you looking for death, challenging us?”

“Kill him, brothers! How dare he act arrogantly before the Lionheart Empire’s army! He must die for his rude act!”

“Go! Save the captain and get rid of this jerk!”

As the soldiers charged at Lu Yu, they yelled.

Han Xuefei stepped forward, followed by thousands of ice thorns that appeared out of nowhere!


The icicles rained down, and hundreds of soldiers were impaled before they could even walk forward. In an instant, nearly half of the soldiers were seriously injured and fell to the ground.

As Vince struggled, he caught sight of the situation behind him and panicked. “Do you intend to attack the Lionheart Empire? You’re courting death!”

He threatened Lu Yu, hoping to scare him away with the might of the Lionheart Empire.

However, Lu Yu’s rage had reached a boiling point.

An ethereal voice appeared in his ears, just like the last time.

“Tear him up, tear him up! I’m sure you want to do it. Tear him into countless pieces and let out all of your rages!”

The voice of the Death Spirit Dragon was goading and urging Lu Yu to act.

Lu Yu, on the other hand, suddenly calmed down.

Why would the Death Spirit Dragon goad him to lose his reason? Could it just be acting out of pure evil?

Lu Yu stood there for a moment before making a guess: the Death Spirit Dragon wanted to weaken his willpower for a reason, and it would definitely benefit from it…

Perhaps if he lost his reason, it would be easier for his soul to be occupied…

“You’ve said something you shouldn’t have, so you’ll have to bear the consequences,” Lu Yu explained as he extended his left claw at Vince.


Lu Yu suddenly swung his left claw and chopped off Vince’s right arm!

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Blood gushed like a fountain from the wound.


“You, my arm… You madman! ”

Vince yelled.

“You’re mistaken,” Lu Yu stated calmly. “I have never been more clearheaded. I’m only trying to punish you, and that’s all there is to it.”

He kept his emotions under control and began to swing his claw rationally.

The Death Spirit Dragon muttered in a low voice, “Boring…” and vanished from Lu Yu’s mind.


Lu Yu stabbed Vince with his left claw, piercing his stomach. Blood and organs splattered all over the ground.

Vince was on the verge of death as blood spilled from his mouth.


“I’ll hit you again, and we’re even.”

Lu Yu then clenched his right hand and snapped Vince’s neck.

A crack sounded as Vince’s spine was crushed, his head tilted to the side, and he died in agony.

Lu Yu let go of his right hand and reached for a towel to wipe the blood from his hand.

Han Xuefei was taken aback by Lu Yu’s calm execution of Vince; he didn’t even blink an eye from the start.

“I assumed you were enraged and wanted to kill them all…” Han Xuefei expressed her surprise.

“Of course, they’ll all perish here. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Wang Meng immediately slammed his chest and yelled, “Brother, leave the rest to me. Allow me to cut them all up!”


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