Global Dungeon: My Support Is Too Strong

Chapter 353 - 353 Teasing

353 Teasing

With a swish, Fan Peng’s face turned extremely pale.

“Ah? That she-devil didn’t leave?” Fan Peng said as he tried to pull Chu Yan away.

“She ran away. That annoying fellow chased after him,” Chu Yan broke free and said with her hands on her waist.

Fan Peng swallowed his saliva frantically. “Has Lu Benwei gone crazy? The other party is a level-60 powerhouse. I admit that you two are very strong, but fighting a level-60 powerhouse, is this a joke?”

“I’m only 11 levels higher than that annoying fellow. What’s there to be afraid of?” Chu Yan said with a relaxed expression.

In an instant, fan Peng felt like his world had collapsed. There was a difference of eleven levels… After reaching level 50, every increase in level required double the effort and time!

At the same time, he was shocked by Lu Benwei’s level. He reached level 49 at the age of 18. He was probably the best among his peers in the Dragon Kingdom!

Suddenly, Chu Yan felt a mysterious energy fluctuation. She calmed her heart and carefully sensed it. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Let’s go. There’s nothing for us to do here.”

Fan Peng was startled and said, “So we don’t care about these people anymore?”

After saying that, he lowered his head and glanced around. On the ground, there were ordinary people lying unconscious everywhere. He had painstakingly transferred them over one by one.

“No need, someone’s already here.” Chu Yan smiled sweetly, hiding infinite mystery.

“What about Lu Benwei? Do we need to care about him?” Fan Peng was still worried.

“The annoying fellow can protect himself. Besides, that group of people is here, so don’t worry,” Chu Yan said faintly.

“No, I still can’t stop worrying. I have to go and take a look.”

Seeing Fan Peng’s insistence, Chu Yan had no choice but to cast a flying spell on him.

On the other side.

Lu Benwei used Lightning Speed and reached his maximum speed. He chased after her and forced her to the outskirts of Qingling City.

The forest was dense and lush. The trees were thicker than a water tank, and there were also strange boulders lying on them.

There were very few people, so Lu Benwei could move freely! His fists moved, and he immediately struck out a galaxy!


The stars exploded, and each fist was like a meteor, attacking the clown-masked woman!

The woman in the clown mask stopped running and chose to face Lu Benwei head-on!

“Wood Elementals, assemble!”

Suddenly, the trees and grass on the ground seemed to come alive and grew infinitely. Countless vines thicker than a person’s waist came from all directions and wrapped around the clown-masked woman, blocking Lu Benwei’s shocking attack!

Layer after layer of vines was broken, and wood chips flew all over the sky.

The aftershock of the Myriad Light Fist’s impact hit them, causing their clothes to dance wildly.

“Your class is…?” Lu Benwei’s eyes were cold as he said coldly!

“Archer’s hidden profession, forest ranger. Second-stage class change, Thorn Queen! You saw through me.”

The clown-masked woman’s breath was like an orchid. Every word she said was accompanied by an intoxicating fragrance.

Lu Benwei could not afford to be careless as this intoxicating aura was constantly trying to erode his internal organs.

“So, you deliberately led me here?” Lu Benwei sneered.

“I didn’t expect you to have a special technique that can neutralize my poison. No, you’re circulating the power of your bloodline. Does that mean that the power of your bloodline is at work?”

The woman in the clown mask did not answer the question and instead praised Lu Benwei.

“It seems like it’s impossible for me to use the poison to weaken your combat power.”

Lu Benwei did not want to waste any more time talking to her, and a beam of light shot out from his eyes.

The woman in the clown mask twisted her slender waist, and countless vines moved! The entire forest was changing colors, and the trees grew endlessly.

Countless thorny vines grew out from it, scaring the birds and monsters in the forest away!

After casting the four buffs, Lu Benwei strengthened himself!


He punched out, and the golden light was extremely powerful!

The clown-masked woman took out a crimson-black crossbow and shot out countless arrows!

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The crossbow bolt pierced through the air with the power to penetrate everything!

Lu Benwei did not dodge and a layer of white holy light armor appeared on his body.

“Heavenly Light Shield!”

Resist 95 percent of damage!

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The arrow hit Lu Benwei’s body, creating brilliant sparks that lit up the sky as if it was creating a galaxy!

Lu Benwei’s momentum was unstoppable, and all the arrows that hit him bounced off, not even a strand of hair falling!

The woman in the clown mask did not panic at all. Her black hair was like a waterfall, flying in the wind.

The next second, the thorns on the ground rushed up and whipped at Lu Benwei. His eyes flashed coldly, and the Ancient Sword of Clarity appeared in his hand!


The sword buzzed as destructive power gathered and concentrated on the small sword!



The destructive sword light soared into the sky, and the destructive divine sword showed its power! The sword light that could penetrate through the world turned everything into nothingness.

The woman in the clown mask was too careless and did not manage to escape in time. It was only when the destructive sword light was right in front of her that she suddenly came to her senses and hurriedly dodged!


In the end, she was one step faster and dodged the destructive sword light, narrowly escaping death.

However, the destructive divine sword’s remaining power tore off a piece of skin from one side of her shoulder, and a corner of her clothes also fell.

Fresh blood flowed down her skin and into her cleavage. It was very alluring with a tinge of red. The only flaw was that the mountain peak was a little dim as if it was man-made. However, even so, her body was unparalleled!

Instead of getting angry, the woman in the clown mask laughed, her voice full of temptation. “Little brother, you’re so rough, you’re so anxious to see my body!”

Lu Benwei was unmoved by the teasing and smiled.

“Yours is so big. I thought you were born with it. I didn’t expect it to be a fake! Sigh… It’s a pity that I like natural ones. You’re making me lose interest.”

Lu Benwei’s rude words angered the woman in the clown mask.


“Myriad Vines, strangle!”

The clown-masked woman’s killing intent was revealed, and her usual gentleness was completely gone!

“How dare you humiliate me! I’ll twist your head off and use it as a spittoon!”

Lu Benwei laughed. “So anxious?! I know a doctor from a hospital who can pass the surgery off as real. If you go and do it again, I might be interested!”

The woman in the clown mask was so angry that her lungs were about to explode!

“Lu Benwei! I’m going to cut you into eight pieces. I’ll use your head as a spittoon, throw your limbs into the stinking ditch, and use your body as my toilet!”


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