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Chapter 408 - 408 Little Yan Yan

408 Little Yan Yan


Feng Xia did not deliberately hide what he said.

Therefore, many people heard the whispers from his mouth.

Different people revealed different expressions.

Some were confused, some were puzzled, and some were shocked.

“Xia Donghai’s master?”

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“Such a vicious deity can actually be nurtured by humans?”

“Wait a minute! Did this guy say just now that he wants to give a gift to his master?”

At this moment, such a chaotic situation was like the end of the world. Feng Xia was not thinking about how to solve the problem, nor was he thinking about how to escape quickly. Instead, he wanted to give his master a gift!

Many people could not believe their ears.

Were they crazy, or was Xia Donghai crazy?

“Vicious deity… No, this guy is a maniac!”

Chi Yanli shrank his neck and continued to retreat to the first level without a second thought.

At the same time, he was secretly shocked. “I thought that after digesting all the opportunities, I could more or less catch up with Xia Donghai, but now it seems that… what level has this guy’s cultivation reached?”

Facing the collapsing continent on the third level, he completely did not dare to face it head-on, and could only flee for his life.

“Not only did this guy not run, he even dared to charge up against the impact!”

After turning around to take another long look, Chi Yanli hurriedly covered his eyes with his wings and glided along the ground. He rushed towards the exit of the second level without looking back.

It was not only him, but countless demon beasts were also fleeing for their lives.

Fortunately, after the Holy Son had been expelled, the huge numbers of corpse monsters on the second floor had basically stopped moving. Otherwise, just the impact from these corpse monsters would have been enough to cause mayhem!

“Master, Sect Master Feng’s master?”

The people who came with Feng Xia also looked over in surprise.

They had indeed heard Feng Xia mention more than about his elusive master. However, not many people had taken it seriously.

After all, Feng Xia had also said…

He had only cultivated for less than a year.

It was likely that 90% of his sentences were probably half-truths. Anyway, they all just pretended to listen.

They had also thought that Feng Xia used the term “master” as an excuse. In any case, they had never even found a trace of the other party, let alone seen him!

However, at this moment, Feng Xia’s attitude and tone were clearly different from usual!

“Sect Master Feng… really has a master?”

“Wait a minute, why is his master in the Demon Imperial Tombs?”

However, just as everyone was feeling puzzled, Feng Xia had already rushed to the top of the second level and finished forming a seal with his hands. Countless stars and endless starlight descended from the distant nine heavens and turned into a seal in his hand.

At this moment, Feng Xia’s entire body was enveloped in starlight. The starlight was beautiful and his face seemed a little illusory.

This seal was called—


The Primordial Galaxy Seal!

Among Feng Xia’s many divine powers, I Will Slash the 3,000 Realms and the Peerless 13 Swords had the strongest destructive power.

The Eight Notes of the Celestial Dragon Bell was used for defense. Under the cover of the bell waves, very few people could hurt him.

The main spirit of the Primeval Green Lotus was that it could both attack and defend. A single strike was enough to annihilate the enemy’s six senses and soul!

The biggest characteristic of the Primordial Galaxy Seal was…


Its invincible and powerful strength!

“Supreme Demon Dragon Emperor, I don’t care where you come from or what your motives are,” Feng Xia’s expression was dark as he said slowly. “However, you should never… never have blasphemed Yan Luosheng’s corpse!”

Feng Xia, who was proficient in the Dao of souls, could naturally tell that Yan Luosheng had not truly resurrected. Instead, a wisp of the will of the Supreme Demon Dragon Emperor had been entrusted to this First Ruler using some strange method!

It would be fine if Yan Luosheng was an enemy…

However, Yan Luosheng was not. He was undoubtedly a hero. In the dark years more than 3,000 years ago, he built the Demon Imperial Tombs, an immortal inheritance site, all by himself and thereby preserving the precious spark for the Profound Origin World!


The azure dragon, still struggling frantically, suddenly calmed down when he heard this. His eyes were filled with a bloody light. Even though he was below Feng Xia, it still felt like he was looking down from above.

It was as if he was born to be superior and to look down on everything in the world!

“So noisy.”

Finally, the azure dragon slowly spat out two words.

Almost instantly, the sound turned into a terrifying explosion. Even though there was no deliberate move to activate any divine power, it seemed to want to sweep Feng Xia into it and mince him into pieces!

However, the starlight in Feng Xia’s hand shone brightly.

“You’re indeed very noisy, so get lost—”

At this moment, Feng Xia chewed the Silver Blood Fruits in his mouth. The divine fruits that were supposed to be used to cleanse bloodlines turned into magical power and converged into his Divine Mansion. In the next moment, they were completely sucked dry and condensed into 317 profound seals in his palm.

The Galaxy Spiritual Body’s Primordial Galaxy Seal!


Not only that, the Heavenly Stairway and the Eight Notes of the Celestial Dragon Bell were also summoned by him and transformed back into their original forms. Under the power of the 317 Primordial Galaxy Seals, they transformed into a violent strike that pierced through the sky!


This strike contained an unstoppable power!

Under the enhancement of the Primordial Galaxy Seal, the two treasures instantly turned into a brilliant meteor and crashed into the azure dragon.

Although the streak of meteor light was insignificant compared to the enormous body of the azure dragon, he seemed to have suffered an invisible blow. The space around him collapsed and he dropped down involuntarily!

“What a ridiculous attack. Do you think such an attack can injure… what?!”

In the next moment, the voice in the azure dragon’s body suddenly changed.

In the direction where he fell, the third level of the Demon Imperial Tombs shattered, revealing another strange space.

That space was similar to the third level of the Demon Imperial Tombs, but it was more ancient and worldly. It was filled with a deathly aura that seemed to be above the heavens and outside the universe. It did not belong to any corner of this world!

At this moment, Feng Xia could already see an old man with white hair and beard sitting cross-legged in the center of the ancient land.

Seemingly awakened by the fluctuations above his head, the old man looked up at the sky in bewilderment and then a look of delight appeared on his face. “Little Yan Yan? When did you come in? Are you here to accompany me?”



The incredibly huge azure dragon struggled violently and there was finally fear in his eyes.

It was as if he had discovered the most terrifying truth in the world and he tried his best to escape to the outside world. However, above his head, Feng Xia had just recovered his magical power. He drained his life’s strength again and a total of 320 Primordial Galaxy Seals smashed down brazenly.

“Patriarch, you’re lonely inside. I’ve found you a companion to chat with!”

As Feng Xia laughed loudly, the huge azure dragon suddenly lost all his strength. His body quickly shrunk and he turned into a foot-long “little worm” that landed weakly on the old man’s shoulder.

“Hehehe, it’s really Little Yan Yan. Long time no see, long time no see…”

The old man smiled happily and raised his hand to touch the long worm. Then, he wrapped it around his neck. “Little Yan Yan, why don’t you feel as warm as before?”


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