Immortal In The Magic World

Chapter 266 - 266 The Conversation

266 The Conversation

Holy tower!

It was one of the forces from the central continent and one of the most powerful forces. It was located in the northernmost part of the central part of the West Coast. It was like a wall that divided the North and Central parts.

But at this moment, cracks had already appeared on this wall.

At this moment, in a study room, Woox was sitting on a sofa. His black hair had a few white hairs, and his face seemed to be filled with unwillingness and worry as he looked ahead.

Opposite him, two warlocks were sitting on a sofa. One was tall and thin, and the other was short and fat. They were the warlocks that Woox had seen before, but it seemed that the sofa was too small. The fat Warlock was almost embedded in the sofa, while the thin Warlock had to sit on one side with half his butt.

“Damn it, situ, can’t you lose some weight? this is terrible!” The skinny Warlock complained.

“Sancher, instead of complaining that I’m fat, why don’t you think about why you can’t win against me!” The fat Warlock chuckled, feeling very proud.

The two of them chatted as if there was no one around them. They were relaxed, but Woox did not say a word.

Ten seconds later, he slowly said, “You two, isn’t it time to talk about business? Recently, you seem to be letting more and more people from Hourglass slip into the Holy tower.

“Although I’m in charge of communicating with the central continent, the central continent won’t just ignore it if they discover anything unusual!”

The two of them only stopped when they heard Woox speak.

The Thin Man squeezed his butt in a little and looked at Woox.

“you don’t have to worry about that. Although we’re on the West Coast, we have some understanding of the central continent. There are many forces like yours, so they probably won’t pay much attention to it!”

“Indeed, don’t think too highly of yourself. as we all know, the legendary Wizard Tower is just a joke, ” chubby Harry said with a smile. “you guys don’t really think you can find clues on the West Coast, do you? ”

“Not to mention that you can’t find it, even if it’s the real Grimm’s mage tower. Do you know how to operate it?

“It was not a simple wizard tool that could only be used with a little bit of mental strength. In fact, wizard tools above rank 4 basically required a very high level of mental strength to be used, and most warlocks basically couldn’t do anything with them!

“Although there are high-level warlock-exclusive mage tools, I’m afraid that no one in the warlock world can refine them now. Even at the lowest estimate, Grimm’s tower is a huge mage tool of the seventh ring. What’s the use of you finding it?

“You can’t even use it in the simplest way, not to mention repairing it with alchemy. Warlocks can’t do it, and you definitely can’t find a mage.

“It’s been almost 4000 years since the great catastrophe. From 2000 years ago, the Magi have been slowly disappearing, and now, I’m afraid there’s not even one-tenth of what they were before. In another 1000 years, the curtain will completely fall unless the group of Mages who escaped return!”

“That’s what the important people think about, but what I want to talk about now is that your actions are a little too much.” Woox frowned.

The mage Tower naturally had nothing to do with him. His superior might care about it, but he didn’t.

He didn’t care about anything else, but the hourglass of time had almost devoured his Holy tower.

“Hehe, Lord Woox, everything comes with a price.” The fat sorcerer named Sancher put on a fake smile.

“If it weren’t for us, the Holy tower would have been removed from the West Coast.”

Woox fell silent!

Indeed, decades ago, under pressure of Sergei, he had to ask for help from the time hourglass, or it wouldn’t have led to the current situation.

“Alright,” Woox sighed helplessly and said, “But there’s one thing I don’t understand! Since the hourglass has such power, why didn’t it just clear the West Coast? Why did it control me instead?”

“Since you’re one of us, I can tell you this!” The fat Warlock chuckled. “because not everyone in the hourglass was willing to return. After the ‘Lord’ fell asleep, the hourglass was divided into two groups. One group returned here while the other stayed where they were.”

“Although we’re strong, we don’t have enough manpower, so we have to rely on you. But these are small problems. When the Lord wakes up, we’ll definitely return, so what we need to do now is to prepare in advance.”

“Your Lord?!”

Woox frowned. He didn’t know who it was, but he knew that it must be a powerful being. Otherwise, the two of them wouldn’t have called him that.

“Sir Woox, don’t think too much. The hourglass of time is nothing in the central mainland, but on the West Coast, even if a celestial comes, it may not be able to destroy us!” Fatty comforted.

“We also have information on how to advance to celestial. Once we return it, we can give it to you for free. After all, you are not weak!”


He nodded when he heard about the advancement of knowledge.

“However, there are still many problems on the West Coast. That Herman is very mysterious. In fact, we don’t even know how strong he is!” Woox shook his head.

They really knew nothing about this Warlock.

“Indeed!” The two of them also nodded. This person had appeared too suddenly.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened, and a Warlock walked in. He did not pay any attention to Woox. Instead, he went directly to the two warlocks and bent down to say something!

Woox frowned at the sight.

A few seconds later, the Warlock stood up and left. The fat man across from him smiled at Woox.”This time, even the heavens might be helping us!”

“What’s wrong?” Woox frowned!

“according to the report, Sergei is heading south. It seems that his destination is Herman. The warlocks of the Holy tower are after him.”

“Oh?” Woox had a strange expression on his face.

“hehe, let’s probe this Herman’s background first!” Fatty laughed.

“it’ll be best if Sergei can kill Herman, then, there won’t be any obstacles on the West Coast. If both sides suffer, we can sweep in later to kill both.” The Thin Man at the side chimed in, revealing a sinister smile.

In order to kill Sergei, they had mobilized almost forty third-circle warlocks. Most of them were their own people, which made up almost two-quarters of the people they could mobilize. More than three-quarters of the high-level combat power was available!

Sergei was indeed very strong. He was at the limit of the third circle, and even they didn’t dare to neglect him. However, they ran into another problem called Herman. It seemed that their goal could be achieved in advance.

The fat and thin men looked at each other and smiled happily.

cough cough!

Suddenly, the two of them heard Woox’s coughing. They turned around and saw him frowning. “what if Herman killed Sergei and then killed our people? ”


The two of them laughed and glanced at Woox.

“Is that even possible?”


It was indeed impossible!

Woox shook his head. It was impossible. After all, Sergei had almost reached the peak of the third circle. He could even break through to the celestial realm if he had enough materials.

The possibility of failure for such a person was indeed low.

Not to mention, there were dozens of warlocks behind him!

But why … did he have a bad feeling about this.

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“It’s in front!”

Sergei flew forward in an arc.

As far as his eyes could see, buildings began to appear one by one, and a tall tower also came into view. That was the territory of the bloodline tower and also his destination.

“Herman!” Sergei could still feel his anger.

If it weren’t for Herman, things wouldn’t have turned out this way!


Moreover, the group of people behind him seemed to be allowing him to make his decision. In fact, they no longer attacked him. Instead, they hung behind him as if they were pushing him forward.

“Are you trying to probe Herman’s background?”

Sergei sneered.

It was an open scheme to use him, but he was willing to be used this once.

He would show Herman how strong he was.

At this moment, he had also arrived at the outer area of the bloodline tower.

Looking at the large area in front of him, Sergei shouted, “Herman, come out!”


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