Valkyrie Domination

Chapter 5356: The way of hiding

"I'm short-sighted?"

In the void, Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor looked bewildered. Does Master Chen have any intention of giving these guys the water of the Dead Sea?

However, no matter what the intention is, giving the other party the water of the Dead Sea will enhance the other party's strength. This is for sure. Isn't it an enemy in the end?

Wangu Mingzu rubbed his head, but he still couldn't figure it out.

At this moment, Wangu Mingzu inexplicably felt that the atmosphere around him was a bit strange.

When he came back to his senses, he saw the Blood Demon Ghost Ancestor, the Xuangui Old Demon not far away, and the Dark Sword and Shagui flying over from the mountains in the distance, as well as the Guikui Ghost General from the Ghost King Hall below. It was looking at him with weird eyes.

Wangu Mingzu blushed, but fortunately his complexion was so dark that outsiders could hardly see it. He rolled his eyes, coughed immediately, and snorted coldly: "Huh, what are you looking at? Do you really think that this ancestor doesn't know what your lord is up to? Heh, just kidding, this ancestor has been with you for so long, what is your lord thinking?" Ancestral movement

You can guess it with your toes. "

"The reason why this ancestor pretended to be stupid in front of adults is just to set off the wisdom and martial arts of adults."

Wangu Mingzu spoke proudly, as if he had already known it by heart.

Everyone's eyes lit up, and they saluted one after another: "It turns out that Master Wan Gu has this intention, I will learn later."

Wangu Mingzu smiled triumphantly, "Hehe, it's good that everyone understands, sometimes, the principles of life and practice are exactly the same, the wood is beautiful and the forest wind will destroy it, and knowing how to hide clumsiness is the kingly way."

"Master Wan Gu is brilliant." Everyone suddenly realized that they deserved to be Master Wan Gu.

"Boss Bone, my lord has gone down now, shall we hurry over..." At this time, Xuangui Laomo couldn't help but speak.

"Ah." Wangu Mingzu came back to his senses, with a panicked look on his face, he hurriedly said: "Everyone, follow me."

Immediately, he rushed towards the place where Qin Chen fell.

A moment later, a group of people gathered in the side hall of the Ghost King Hall.

At this time, the mountains near the Ghost King Hall had been reduced to ruins in many places, and the main hall collapsed, leaving only one side hall intact.

Qin Chen sat down at the head of the side hall, and Wan Gu Ming Zu and others followed.

"Husband, you are finally back."


"Husband, you don't know how much we missed you when you were away. Now it's all right. We can rest assured that my husband is back." As soon as Wangu Mingzu entered the side hall, before he could speak, a group of ghosts surrounded him. The young woman Xiu rushed up, hugged Wan Gu Ming Zu's arms one after another, crying and crying, and kept leaning towards Wan Gu Ming Zu's body, I felt sorry for him,

The eldest lady and the second lady even squeezed their soft and soft bodies against Wangu Mingzu's body, for fear that others would take the lead.

"I am not your husband."

Wangu Mingzu was startled, and hurriedly reprimanded: "You guys are so decent, step back quickly." If there were some male ghost cultivators, he would fly out immediately, but there are so many ghost cultivator young women, all of whom have graceful figures , the temperament is mature, the place that should be convex is convex, and the place that should be concave is concave. When did Wangu Mingzu see such a frame?

Suddenly, his mouth was dry and he was at a loss.

In the past under the command of Emperor Youming, although he was one of the seven great underworld generals, he acted withdrawn and ruthless. The people under his command dared not let female ghost cultivators approach him at all. How had he ever seen such a scene?

"Husband, what are you talking about? Woohoo, has your husband forgotten about my slave so quickly?"

"My lord, now my lord is acting under my lord's command, my lord will judge me, my lord can't have my lord as your big backer, and forget about us wretched wives."

"Yes, my lord, you have to make the decision for us. Now that my husband has taken refuge in you, my lord, we can be regarded as subjects under my lord's command. My lord should say something for my slave family."

Many of the family members of the Ghost King of the Dark Forest fell to their knees on the ground, pleading with Qin Chen, crying endlessly.

"Young Master Chen, listen to my explanation..." Wan Gu Mingzu froze, and hurriedly said to Qin Chen: They... this..."

He was so nervous that he even forgot the title of Lord of the Underworld, not knowing what to say.

In the main hall, Qin Chen's eyes were indifferent, and he glanced at the many family members of the Forest Ghost King below. These family members were watched by Qin Chen's eyes, trembling all over, and their bodies were lowered, and their postures were even more seductive.

"Hmph, where is the ghost general in the Ghost King Palace?" Qin Chen snorted coldly.

"The subordinates are here."

Ghost General Cukui and others came up quickly, with a panicked look on his face.

"Take them all down, and then you all step down first."

"grown ups…"

What else do these women want to say.

"Huh?" Qin Chen narrowed his eyes, and everyone fell silent.

Qin Chen glanced at these people, and said lightly: "Don't worry, everyone, I am very clear about your thoughts. Now I am sitting in the Ghost King Hall. As long as you old people in the Ghost King Hall don't make trouble, I will not deal with it." you."

"Thank you, my lord."

The original people in the Ghost King Hall breathed a sigh of relief, and then hurriedly retreated.

"Young Master Chen, don't these guys even know that their ancestor is not the Dark Forest Ghost King?" Wangu Mingzu asked suspiciously. Before the fight, almost everyone knew that he was not the Forest Dark Ghost King, but these female relatives just now...

"Is it important to them whether you are the ghost king or not?" Qin Chen glanced at him.

Wangu Mingzu was stunned. Qin Chen said indifferently: "These ghosts are of average cultivation, the reason why they can survive in this abandoned place and enjoy good treatment is nothing more than following the Senming Ghost King, so that they can enjoy the treatment of ghosts here, so ,they

In fact, they don't care whether the person they devote themselves to is the Forest Ghost King, but only cares whether the person they devote themselves to can bring them enough security and identity. "

"Chen Shao, what do you mean, they actually knew that their subordinates were not the Forest Ghost King just now, but they just pretended to be so, as long as their subordinates give them a sense of security, they will continue to throw themselves into their arms?"

Wangu Mingzu was astonished.

"Otherwise? Do you think you are attracted to them by your appearance?"

Qin Chen glanced at Wangu Mingzu, and didn't even bother to talk to him.

Wangu Mingzu's eyes lit up, and for some reason, he felt a little excited in his heart. On the side, the Blood Fiend Ghost Ancestor, the Xuangui Old Demon and others saw this scene, and suddenly thought in their hearts that Lord Wan Gu was acting stupid again. Even they could see the thoughts of the female relatives of the Forest Ghost King before, and even those takui ghosts

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The general and the others also knew it well, would Lord Wan Gu not know with such a cultivation level?

Along with Zang Zhuo, Master Wan Gu is indeed the leading master in the underworld.

"Okay, let's not talk nonsense, before the Dead Sea forbidden area opens, there are a few things that I need to ask you to do."

Now that there are only less than two months left before the opening of the Dead Sea forbidden area, Qin Chen needs to improve himself as soon as possible within these two months, and among them, perfecting the rules of the chaotic world is one of the major events. Although the Abandoned Land is a place of imprisonment, for so many years, the strong people imprisoned here have gathered people from countless ethnic groups and forces in the entire underworld. It is even easier to complete the rules of the underworld here than to return to the underworld.

and convenience.

"Xuangui, old devil, go back to your territory immediately and bring all your subordinates."

"Blood Fiend Ghost Ancestor, you will accompany Mingyan Tomb back to the Death God's Cemetery and bring many masters from the Death God's Cemetery." He and the giant spirit ancestors and other dead masters of the restricted area brought all of them, as many as they could bring, and their cultivation was not limited.

The different rules practiced in the bloodlines that came. "

"Everyone, do you understand?"

Qin Chen ordered coldly.


Although Qin Chen's intentions were not particularly clear, Xue Fiend Guizu and the others did not dare to ask any questions, and left quickly one by one.

"There are so many rules in the Abandoned Land that they cannot be underestimated. Once completed, I will return to the Cosmic Sea in the future, and the Chaos World will be completely formed and become a brand new universe."

Qin Chen said silently. He will be the first strong man to successfully smelt the rules of the underworld and the cosmic sea.


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